A list of the services that I'm proud enough to say that I own & invest in. 

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My Websites

This website is a branch of and is focused on providing caregiver services to individuals in need across Arkansas.  Mostly being matured for future development.

This website is our primary focus for Arkansas Medical Marijuana and is currently under construction.  The website is currently accepting applications for MMJ patients to join my caregiver network.  

The website in the future will group together products from multiple Arkansas dispensaries and make checking out from home a breeze.  Free delivery for qualifying orders!

Clamcoin was given to all Bitcoin, Litcoin and Dogecoin addresses that were in use on May 12, 2014! provides information and links that concern CLAM.

This is where I maintain a list of CLAM faucets for the community.

There are also high paying Bitcoin faucet recommendations as well.

Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

Snails In The Mail is a service that I began in 2013 based out of San Francisco.  Basically, I moved to SF from Arkansas and went for a walk to pray about how I was going to afford the new rent prices... low and behold I stumbled across a snail patch!

We now are one of the largest live land snail providers in the United States of America.

Snails are purchased for escargot, school pets (kindergarten-college), breeding, reptile food, Hollywood, skin care, artist, photographers,  nursing home pets, kids obsesed with Turbo or Spongebob and all types of other things.

Things I invest in

JD was the largest Bitcoin dice site until it closed down... the site is now open again and is using CLAM as the sole cryptocurrency.

I don't directly invest in LuckyGames, but they have a really cool online gaming site that accepts Bitcoin, CLAMS and over 30 other cryptocurrenies.  I strongly recommend looking this site over.

Think of Reddit... now imagine Reddit, but upvotes actually payout in cryptocurrency!  Super cool platform with potential. 

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